Make Your Own Belgian Chocolate Making Kit

Make Your Own Belgian Chocolate Making Kit

Keep your little ones entertained with this Belgian chocolate making kit ❤️

Each kit contains everything you need to make and decorate delicious Belgian chocolates in the shape of either unicorns and dinosaurs or Flowers 

150g High quality Belgian milk chocolate
 60g High quality Belgian white chocolate 15g toppings to decorate 
1  x reusable chocolate mould 
2 x biodegradable spoons 
1 x edible writing icing 

The mould is reusable so can be used again and again! 

Each kit comes gift boxed so makes an ideal Christmas, Easter or birthday gift 

Simply melt the chocolate over a pan of boiling water or in a microwave, spoon into the moulds, chill and decorate when set! *suitable for vegetarians ** not suitable for nut allergy sufferers *
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