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Top Tips For Planning A Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are a popular choice amongst couples, combining your nuptials, a stunning location and a honeymoon all rolled into one fabulous getaway.

Popular locations for destination weddings include The Caribbean, Italy, Cyprus, Greece Mauritius and Las Vegas.

If you are looking into the idea of getting married aboard we have put together a few top points to consider to help you make up your mind.

1. Choosing Your Location

It's a good idea to engage a travel company or independent travel adviser who can help you find an ideal location that suits your needs, many hotels have their own wedding planning team who can help you with the finer details of your wedding and put you in touch with local suppliers or even organise it for you based on the instructions you give them. Talk to your partner and map out what you would like .. do you want a laid back and relaxed beach wedding? Do you want a French Style Chateaux Country Wedding? talk through your ideas, look on the internet for inspiration, put together a mood board or pintrest board that you can refer back to while you both make your decision, Speak to friends, family or to people in wedding groups on social media and ask their experiences and any recommendations or places to avoid - but remember the decision is yours, if you have your heart set on somewhere don't let opinions sway you, its your wedding!

2. Notify your guests well in advance.

This is one of the most important tips when planning your destination wedding, ensure you give your nearest and dearest as much notice as possible, this way they can calculate if they can afford the cost of travelling to your wedding and if they can, giving them time to save, book time off work and make travel arrangements etc. It's also important to understand that as much as you may want a certain person there, and as much as they may want to come, if your destination is long haul they may not be able to afford to. So maybe consider a party or get together once you are home so your friends and loved ones that could not come with you can still celebrate with you back home (and it's an excuse to wear your dress one more time!)

3. Visit in Advance (If You Can)

It's always a good idea that if possible visit the venue before booking your wedding to ensure it can cater to all your needs and requirements. If this is not possible plan in your budget to arrive at the destination at least 5 days early so you can make any final decisions (A Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial is always a good idea before the big day) Also check with your chosen venue that they do not have any big events planned around the same time or there are no big national holidays or events as this may affect you with regards to the number of rooms you can book and travel arrangements. Also arriving at your chosen destination early will give you time to relax and prepare and enjoy the venue and experience! book a massage, take some time for yourselves and enjoy every second.

4. Pick Your Suppliers

If possible try and pick your vendors in person, if you can't visit the location in advance consider a skype or facetime call with them so you can speak to them in person and go though the details and what they can offer and help to ensure everything goes to plan. It's also a good idea to ask the venue for recommendations as there maybe local talent that they are aware of that you don't know about. also embrace the local culture and specialities - this could come in handy when looking at your wedding decor or florist and could save you money

5. Matching Our Wedding Attire To Your Destination

Think about your wedding outfits and the suitability to your destination. If you are getting married in a hot country, lightweight and breathable fabrics are perfect to ensure you are comfortable and you are not weighted down, hot and stuffy in a heavy embellished gown. When it comes to the groom lightweight linen fabrics are an ideal option for a beach wedding. Also never check in your wedding dress at the airport - always carry it on event it means having to fold it - arrange for someone on arrival to press and steam it.

7. Hiring A Professional

If you love the thought of getting married abroad but the thought of planning it in another country worries you consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. There are many wedding planners that specialise in destination weddings. This way you have someone on hand to deal with things like a language barrier, and making decisions on things when you are miles away and saving you valuable time and hours on the phone - you have someone to do it for you. If you don't have a budget for a specialist wedding planner as i mentioned above a lot of venues offer a wedding coordinator service - just ensure you do your due diligence and you are happy with them and they have a strong wedding planning team.

7. Legalities

Ensure you thoroughly check all the legalities of the destination and particular rules or regulations you may need to follow or complete prior to your wedding day - they vary from country to country so speak to your travel agent or wedding coordinator to ensure you have everything in place and your trip goes smoothly

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