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Pets At Weddings? Top tips and things to consider when including a pet at your wedding.

As im sat writing this it is national love your pet day, now i know there seems to be a national day for everything now days! (National hug a tall person day anyone! Bet you missed that one!) but it is undeniable we are a nation of animal lovers! Recent statistics show that 49% of all UK adults own a pet and putting that into numbers 11.1 million of us own a cat and 8.9 million of us own a dog that's a lot of cats and dogs!

So it seems a natural progression that more and more couples getting married are wanting to involve their pets in their big day some in a small way … some in a more … stand out way! Me personally i am a massive dog lover, in fact i prefer dogs to people most of the time! I used to own 3 dogs at one time, 2 west highland white terriers (Poppy and Tye) and a big fat but completely adorable English bulldog (Paddy) and if the chance arose would i have jumped at the chance of having them involved in my big day! To me they were family (my fur babies) and the day wouldn't have been the same without them (and far less entertaining)

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My Three Babies Poppy, Tye & Paddy (L-R)

So if you are one of these said people and are wondering how you can involve fluffy in your nuptials, here are a few ideas!:

Ring Bearer - chuck on a doggy tuxedo and strut your stuff down the aisle with the rings in a pouch, attached to your collar.

Walking the bride down the aisle - a fur baby would love nothing more than walking his or her mum down the aisle and giving them away to dad to promise a life of walks on the beach and extra treats until death do you part.

They can be involved with greeting guests, sign holding, even first dances! The list is endless and they will make some magical photos and memories to cherish.

There are a few things to consider though if you are planning on involving your pet in your big day and the main thing to remember is safety over sentiment. You need to make sure your pet is comfortable and happy but also your guests.

A few things you will need and need to consider:

Is your venue pet friendly? Due to pets at weddings becoming more popular more and more venues are getting on board with the idea - but dont assume its a given! Make sure you check beforehand, to save unnecessary stress for you and your pet on the day.

Make sure your guests are aware your pet will be there on the day, this is in case anyone has a phobia or is not comfortable around dogs/cats, also check for any pet allergies. Also be aware and accept that if these do apply to anyone you have invited they may not be able to attend.

If all is good to go on the above two - allocate someone as a designated pet sitter on the day, someone who you can trust to look after your pet on the day, you will be busy with photos and talking to people (saying your vows!) ideally choose someone your dog knows and is comfortable with.

Pack them a bag for the day - to make the day as comfortable for them as possible, pack a bag to give to your designated sitter - Food, Water, Dog Lead, Treats and even a bed, toy or blanket to make them feel safe if needed (especially if your pet is a bit nervous in new surroundings)

While it's fun to dress your pet up and it will make great photos to look back on, remember it's them that wearing whatever you are putting them in, so you need to make sure they are comfortable - while a flower crown or tuxedo might look adorable it might not be so much fun for your pet (especially on a hot day!) so remember this and maybe think of a more comfortable alternative or a simple dickie bow on the collar once the ceremony and photos are done.

If you have pets but decide not to involve them in your day the next question comes … well who will look after them! All my close friends and family who i would normally ask are going to be at the wedding?

There are many companies now days that offer pet sitting services, either in the comfort of your own home (i.e they come to you) or you take your pet to their home in a home from home service - either way make sure you do your checks and the company your entrusting your pet too are experienced and understand your pets specific needs and requirements. If you do your due diligence then you can relax knowing that while your having fun your beloved fur baby is in safe hands!

While writing this post i became massively distracted by google images and you tube videos of peoples pets at weddings! Honestly if you have a spare 3 weeks just search pets at weddings! You will not be disappointed, one of the funniest stories i have read is where the normally well behaved pooch (Neo) stole the bride's bouquet and ran off with it! Leaving the entire wedding party chasing him around the grounds … would he give it back…. No! He thought it was the best game in the world!

But... saving the best until last, the best video on you tube (trust me!) and it went viral was of George the french bulldog who was included when the best man ‘’forgot the rings’’ Que a massive video production made by the best man showing him ringing the dog and him saving the day! The bride and groom knew nothing about it until that moment! It was amazing! The link to the video is here … it's well worth a watch! It will make you laugh and cry all at once!

also the hashtag #nationalloveyourpetday has some amazing pics of beloved pets around the world being spoilt on their day! It is defiantly worth a look.

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